As I mentioned earlier, The Graph is a tool that simplify Facebook graph search and do more with the search results.

Therefore, In order to use The Graph, You will need to use Facebook account that is already has access to Facebook Graph Search.

Graph Search feature is commonly given to Facebook users that set their Facebook account language settings to English US.

However, it is possible that users with other language settings can get access to Graph Search completely.

For that reason, first you need to change you Facebook account language settings into English US.



How to Change the Language Setting on Facebook Account 


  1. Visit this following url
  2. Select English US
    Make sure that you choose English US (not other English such as English UK or any others)
  3. Next, click Save button.


See this screenshot for detail.




Normally, after changing the language setting into English US, you can use full functionality of Facebook Graph Search.


How to Check if your Facebook Account has been given access to Graph Search Feature

If your Facebook search box is titled “Search Facebook” (like shown on this screenshot), it means your Facebook account has already get access to Graph Search.


If the Facebook search box is titled “Search People, Places, Things” instead of Search Facebook, it means your Facebook account that you use has not obtained a full access to the Graph Search from Facebook.


Solution #1: Recheck

Most of the time, people set the language incorrectly. Make sure that the selected language is English US and not English UK, or other English from different nations.


Solution #2: Change into English UK

Try to change the language setting into English UK.

The only language supported to use Graph Search is English US. However, Facebook is sometime pretty strange.

Like My wife Facebook account, she can not use graph search feature if the language is set to english US;  yet when she changed it to English UK, it works.


Solution #3: Request Graph Search Access

In case, you have changed the language setting into English US and English UK but the search box on Facebook is still titled Search People, Places, and Things, it means Facebook has not provided the access of Graph Search to the FB account that you currently use.

You can request to get the access to Graph Search to Facebook administrators by following these steps:

  1. Change the language setting of your Facebook account into English US
  2. Visit this page:
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Try a Search button.
  4. Wait around 1-2 weeks to get approval.

If you have waited for 1-2 weeks but you have not get the access to Graph Search yet, try to do solution#2 or solution#4.




Solution #4: Use Another Facebook Account 

Register new Facebook account and use english US language from the beginning.

Good Luck! 🙂