The Graph Mobile consists of 3 basic parts; header, Content, and Menu.

Like shown on this picture:


1. Header


It functions as a center of information in the form of titles that represent contents instead of only content. On the header, various sub menus are available on each menu.


2. Content

It is the place where you utilize The Graph features- contents will be changed based on the selected menu.


3. Menu



The Graph has 4 main menus:

1. Timeline / Facebook



It is a mini Facebook application that enables the users to do all activities that they usually do in their Facebook, such as like, comment, share, posting, etc. On this timeline, you can also change other Facebook accounts that have been registered previously, without logging out.

2. Search


It is a main feature of The Graph application that functions to complete Facebook search. When you open this menu, you will encounter several search option; people, stories, groups, pages, places, apps, and events. If you are about to search people, select People Menu and input the search criteria that you want. After that, click search. (Read: Search di The Graph Mobile)History



This menu functions as a space to save your search history. It is aimed at providing the ease of searching in case you want to repeat the search process that you have done previously; without re-inputting the data.


4. Setting

It is a place where you set The Graph application, such as changing the password of your Social Suite, adding a Facebook account that you want to open on the Timeline, logging out from The Graph application and many more. (Read: Cara Menambahkan Akun Facebook di The Graph Mobile). Besides, you can also check The Graph version that you utilize on the bottom of the menu.
The Graph has several types of input:


Text Box

On the TextBox input, you can directly entry the text that you want.

TextBox on android
TextBox on iOS



On Picker input, you can only select from the available options list, and you can only select one of the options.

Picker pada Android
Picker on Android
Picker pada iOS
Picker on iOS



Slider input functions to determine the range that works by sliding the point slider available.

Slider pada Android
Slider on Android
Slider pada iOS
Slider on iOS



On autocomplete input, you have to select results from the available suggestions; you cannot only type without selecting.

a. Autocomplete

On a simple autocomplete, you can directly type the keywords that you are searching on the search bar, and then select the item on the results list.

Autocomplete on Android
Suggestion pada iOS
Autocomplete on iOS


b. Autocomplete with Browse

It is almost similar to Simple Autocomplete; what makes it different is that you can not only type the keyword but also select from the available options.


Suggestion Browse pada Android
Autocomplete Browse on Android
Suggestion Browse pada iOS
Autocomplete Browse on iOS