As you open a Search menu on TG Mobile, you will encounter search category options: People, Stories, Groups, Pages, Places, Apps and Events.



1. People


On the search category, people functions to explore people with the parameter that you input.

On the people search, we will be able to use search field on top of the form, which is aimed at speeding up and simplifying the search process on certain category.




On People search, there are two kinds of modes; Union and Intersect (default) that you can find on the bottom of the search form. In short, Union is an OR and intersect is an AND. For further information about Intersect and Union, you can read


2. Stories


On the search category, stories functions to search Posts from people or fanspage of Facebook.


3. Groups


On the search category, group functions to search Facebook Group based on the parameter that you input.

Please note that if you are searching a group with secret privacy, the result shows only groups that you join. This is so, because of the limited access of Groups with Secret privacy.



4. Pages


On the search category, pages functions to search Facebook Pages that is suitable with the parameter that the users input.


5. Places


On the search category, Places is utilized to find locations or places that are checked in by Facebook users based on the parameter that you input.


6. Apps


On the search category, Apps is used to find Facebook applications or games that fit the parameter that you input.


7. Events


On the search category, Events is used to find Events on Facebook that is suitable with the parameter that you input.



Search Results 

After clicking Search button, the result page will pop up. On the top right of your search result, Refine & Save and Sort & Filter buttons will appear.





Refine & Save

When you tap this menu, 2 options of Refine or Save will appear.



Refine Search is a feature that functions to display previous search form, so the users can change the search parameter without re-inputting the previous parameters.

Save this Search is a feature that functions to save the search parameter that has been explored previously. You can access your search result on the History bar.



Sort & Filter


Sort and Filter function to simplify the content search process from the previous search results.

You can prefer putting the search results in order by selecting sort or type. After that, click Apply and the loading page will appear as follows:



This loading process will stop after 100 data process is completed. You can also obtain a result without waiting for 100 by tapping show results. The data process speed depends on the internet connections that you use.
Here is the sample page when the sorting process is done.



You can change the options of sort & filter by tapping sort menu on top right part.




The Graph only helps to construct keywords search on Facebook, so the users do not have to memorize and type the long keywords. The results and the amounts of the results depend on Facebook.