What is Graph Search?

Graph search is a search feature in Facebook.

When we open facebook.com website through a web browser in our personal computer, we will find a search box on the left corner of Facebook.

It looks like this:


That is Graph search.

If you want to search anything, simply type the keyword into that box.

Graph search is a search engine. It is similar to google but belongs to Facebook.

What are the differences?

In Google, you can find web pages which contain the keywords that you are searching for.

On Facebook, you will find people and anything that relates to people.

You will find:

  • People (Facebook users)
  • Stories (status updates, photos, videos, etc)
  • Groups (communities / a group of people)
  • Pages (fan pages)
  • Places (venues),
  • Events
  • And Facebook Apps (Not iOS or Android app).



For instance, to find people who live in Surabaya, we can simply type these keywords on the search box:

People who live in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Here is the simulation:


Pretty easy right?



It will be difficult and complicated when you want to search in great detail.

You must have a proper English mastery and know how to construct these keywords correctly.

Here are the examples of complex searches that you might want to search:

  • Girls
  • Age ranges: 20-29 years old
  • Singles
  • Jakarta citizens
  • Alumni of University of Indonesia
  • iPhone cell phone users
  • Love to Travel

Do you know the correct English and the right keyword structures for those?

Even if you know how to construct the keywords, you will find it complicated to type all of those long keywords.


The Graph is invented to solve that problem.


The Graph is a tool that simplify  Graph Search.

The Graph helps you to construct Graph Search keywords, so you dont have to memorize all those keywords.

So even if you dont now English,or you are too lazy to type long keywords you can search on Facebook in great detail easily.

In addition, The Graph also help you sort and filter the search results based on various factors.

In conclusion, The Graph is not a search engine.

It just simplify Facebook graph search. And do more with the search results.

Therefore, In order to use The Graph, You will need to use Facebook account that is already has access to Facebook Graph Search.